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Oral Histology


The following tissues of the oral cavity are of relevance to dentistry:

  1. Epithelium

    1. General oral epithelium histology

    2. Types of epithelium in the oral cavity

    3. Properties of gingival epithelium types

    4. Epithelium ultrastructure and cellular attachment

    5. Taste bud histology

    6. Basement membrane ultrastructure

  2. Loose and fibrous connective tissue

    1. Lamina propria and submucosa histology

    2. Gingiva and PDL Fibroblast histology

    3. Extracellular matrix

    4. Periodontal ligament histology

    5. Periodontal and gingival fibers

  3. Alveolar bone

    1. Bone physical and chemical properties

    2. Alveolar bone histology

    3. Temporomandibular joint histology

  4. Teeth

    1. Cementum physical and chemical properties

    2. Cementum histology

    3. Dentin physical and chemical properties

    4. Dentin histology

    5. Enamel physical and chemical properties

    6. Enamel histology

    7. Pulp histology

  5. Salivary gland histology

  6. Blood vessels

  7. Nerve fibers

  8. Skeletal muscle

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